Creche is for babies and toddlers aged 0-3yrs and is based in the basement of the church building. In Creche we work on a free-flow system, with lots of toys available for the children to engage with, but we do come together for a story, singing and a snack. We want this space to be filled with God’s love and joy and have an atmosphere of fun and laughter. Our aim is for the children to know at a young age that God loves them, as we believe this is where the first bricks in the foundation of a child’s faith are built. Parents are welcome to stay with their child, but there is a dedicated creche team who will look after your child so you can stay in the service.

We also have a Baby Feeding room adjacent to the creche room, where parents are welcome to take their young babies if they are unsettled or need feeding during the service. There is a tv which is linked up to our livestream, so that parents don’t miss out on the service, along with some toys and equipment for the babies.


Welcome to Kidzone for ages 3-11yrs. Here at DCC we want our children to build a strong faith, have good friendships with each other, and have fun. Our mission statement is ‘Passing on the Good News of Jesus by creating a fun and engaging experience which provides a foundation where they can begin to build a life of faith’. On a Sunday morning Kidzone is split up into three groups; Heroes (3-5yrs), Legends (5-9yrs) and Champions (9-11yrs), that explore the same theme at different levels depending on age. Legends and Champions are based on the second floor of The Hope Centre, whilst the Heroes group are in the Church basement, next to the Creche room.


  • Heroes 3-5yrs

    Heroes is for children aged 3-5yrs (preschool and reception age). We aim to have purposeful play which is linked to the Bible story/theme. We want the children to expand their understanding of the theme and bring the stories to life through their own play and ideas, whilst also having lots of fun with their friends.

  • Legends 5-11

    Legends is for children aged 5-11yrs (School Years 1-4). We share Bible stories/themes in a visual and interactive way to help the children engage as much as possible, and then break into groups for discussion and age-appropriate application. We want the children to be confident to share their ideas and understanding with the group through discussions & games.

  • Champions 9-11

    Champions is for children aged 9-11yrs (School Years 5-6). Within this group we aim to create a space where strong friendships can grow, and we teach in a way that bridges the gap between Kids and Youth. We encourage the children to ask questions and give opportunities for them pray for each other and seek God for themselves.

The Base

The Base, which is a Kids Club for children aged 7-11yrs, happens on a Friday evening between 6-7:30pm at The Hope Centre, during term time. We aim to create a fun and welcoming environment so that children can invite their friends along. A usual evening at The Base begins with social time, which is followed by a short encouragement altogether, then team games to finish. During our encouragement, we share the Christian faith in a way that is simple and applicable so that it is accessible for all.

Every half term, the first week is always a social to allow the children to catch up with one another after the break and the last week is always a ‘special’. The special changes from half term to half term, but can include a games night, going to the park, laser quest at Megazone Derby and more. Parents on our emailing list will be sent information regarding specials. The weeks in between the social and special are teaching weeks.