Welcome Kidzone Heroes and Legends!

Here you will find some great content to help on the journey of discovering Jesus. Every Sunday 10am we will be posting up a little 5 min video a little talk and an activity for them to do. They will remain up here for you to come back to as a usual resource.


WHAT, WHEre, When?

On this page we have some awesome content to help on the journey of discovering Jesus for our Kidzone children. Below is a bit more about some of the different programmes we are making, what they are and when they are available for you to watch.

  • bible Cartoons

    We have a YouTube playlist of Bible cartoons for you to use as and when you need CLICK HERE TO WATCH

  • Kidzone Sunday

    Every Sunday at 10am (just before church online) we post a 5min video where one of the Kidzone team talk about a story or theme from the bible and set a little activity which you can do at home. All videos will stay posted so feel free to browse past videos.


    The last Sunday of every month Kidzone kids hangout with one another at 11:30am (after Sunday Morning Live) usually themed. For more information please get in touch.

  • past videos

    Explore the media player for all our past content. We have episodes of 'Book Club', chats with Kidzone members, past Friday videos and much much more.