Our team

  • Paul Hudson - Regional Leader

    Since the sad loss of Pastor Dave, his friend Paul Hudson, who is our regional leader has oversight of Derby City church as he works closely with the team and leaders. 

  • Jay Fallon - Associate Pastor

    Jay Fallon has been working for City Church for the past couple of years. Since the start of this year he has also been involved with leading a church in the north. We still work closely with Jay as we continue to live out what we believe God is calling us to do together. 

  • Dan Hudson - Minister in training

    Dan is training to be an Elim minister here at Derby City Church. He has led the youth ministry over the past couple of years and continues to have a desire to raise up the next generation. Dan originally came to Derby as a student and has settled down here with his wife Madeleine who helps him lead the youth ministry.

    Email: dan@derbycitychurch.co.uk

  • Julia Ayling - Administrator

    Julia is in charge of the administration of the church and its ministries as well as its finances. She also manages the running of the Hope Centre and deals with all room bookings.

    Email: office@derbycitychurch.co.uk

  • Denise Hawley - Community Worker

    Denise is our community worker. She heads up much of the community focused ministry that happens within the Hope Centre and works with a great team of volunteers that seek to serve the people of our city. She also takes care of hospitality and catering within the church. She is married to Michael. 

  • Sarah Cogdon - Media

    Sarah is responsible for looking after the media for the church from websites to videos and design. 

    Email: media@derbycitychurch.co.uk

  • Fernanda Souza - CHURCH WORKER

    Fernanda is from Brazil and has joined us for 2 years as a part time church worker, alongside her mission to Derby with YWAM. She helps with the running of the Hope Centre and produces some great design work for the church. 

  • Rachel Merkelt - Kids & youth intern

    Rachel is our recent addition to the staff team. She has been in City Church all her life coming through the kids & youth work. Now she serves on team part time helping raise up the next generation.